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Observing Mental Illness Awareness Week

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The first full week of October, we observe Mental Illness Awareness Week. These days it’s more important than ever for people to be informed about mental health issues. COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone. For many, it is another challenge added to a continuous battle against mental health problems. For others, COVID-19 has ushered in their first experiences dealing with …

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Job Coaches – Various Locations in Wisconsin

In Job Openings by Beth Wroblewski

Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI) is a statewide nonprofit agency that advances the employment, health and financial security of people with disabilities. ERI values and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within our workplace. The Job Coach position assists an employee with disabilities (consumer) in learning the skills needed on-the-job. The goal is to facilitate the consumer’s learning and connections in the …

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ERI 30th Anniversary: Looking Back and Future Focused

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ERI has been celebrating our 30th Anniversary over the course of the past year. We opted for a year-long celebration since in-person gatherings haven’t been an option due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It has certainly been a challenging year. As always, the ERI Team members, the Board, our partners, and the people with whom we work, have all been flexible, …

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Learn, Explore, Take Action! How to Use High School to Jumpstart Your Future

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Hey Teens and Parents: Learn, Explore, Take Action!We’ve always known high school is more than going to classes, and the shift to online learning due to COVID is proving it! High school is about learning who you are, exploring what you want to be as an adult, and taking actions to have the life you want. If you’re a teen …

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10 Steps People with Disabilities Should Take to Prepare for an Emergency

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With the current and recent natural disasters happening, it might be a good time to consider your personal emergency plan. The “Be Prepared, Have a Plan: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for People with Disabilities” can help you plan for and respond to emergencies and natural disasters. The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities developed it to ensure the safety and protect the …

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Worried About Money? A Budget Can Help

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Do worries about money keep you up at night?  Would you rather go to the dentist than look at your bank account?  Do you struggle with not having enough money to cover your expenses at the end of the month? These ups and downs may make you feel like you are on a roller coaster! Here are some ways to …

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How to Ace Your Online Interview

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So, you landed an interview and you’re ready to meet your (hopefully) future employer. The usual questions run through your head… What do I say? What should I wear? How do I get there? Wait… these days… “getting there” might mean showing up in your own living room! If you’re not used to online communication, the idea of an online …

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Time to Make a Change? Ticket to Work Can Help!

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Times are changing. We’re moving forward into a year of opportunities, stronger with lessons learned from 2020 about new ways to work and live as valuable members of our communities. As we transition from a year of social distancing and high unemployment, this may be the perfect time for you to think about your long-term work and financial goals. It …

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Clubhouses: Offering Hope to People with Mental Illness

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Clubhouses empower people with mental illness to lead productive, happy lives. They offer opportunities for friendship, employment, housing, education, and access to medical and psychiatric services in a single, caring, and safe environment. Being included socially and economically in communities can reverse the higher risks of suicide, hospitalization, and incarceration rates associated with mental illness. Clubhouses offer opportunities for connection …

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When You Have a Mental Health Disability and Need Benefits….

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Complex. Confusing. Overwhelming.  These are just a few of the words used to describe what it’s like to have a mental health disability and apply for Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Some people are able to navigate the application process on their own or with the help of family and friends. Others may need a little more support.  Jolin, a …