Prepare for Success! Transition support and employment planning services.

VFPS or Vocational Futures Planning and Support is an employment planning service to help young people with disabilities prepare for life after high school and discover and achieve their work goals.

Our Approach

What does your future look like? What are your skills and talents? ERI works with you to...
  1. EXPLORE your potential.
  2. CREATE a plan.
  3. ACHIEVE your goals.

What Is Transition?

Transition is the process of preparing for life after high school by planning for life as an adult. It's about exploring options and possibilities for continuing education, finding a job, thinking about where to live, how to manage health and money, and how to spend your time.

The goal is to be a happy, healthy, productive adult.

How We Can Help You Reach Your Employment Goals

  • Individualized support to find a job match with the right supports.
  • A helping hand to assist young adults with disabilities and their families to manage the complex transition process from high school to the adulthood.
  • Access to a team skilled in partnering with schools, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Family Care and IRIS agences, and community employers.
  • Seamless transition to ensure needed support and transportation services are in place prior to leaving high school.
  • A plan to achieve employment goals.