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You Asked: Ticket to Work Questions Answered

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Social Security is spreading the word about the underutilized Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program as a way for people with disabilities to achieve their employment goals. Social Security mails letters to beneficiaries who qualify for the Ticket to Work program. These notices are mailed at regular intervals – once a beneficiary has been receiving disability benefits for 3 months, …

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Work from Home: Career Exploration Tips

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Career Exploration TipsWork from home jobs appeal to many people, including to those with disabilities. Not only does it eliminate transportation barriers and a commute, but it also saves money in gas, vehicle maintenance, and clothing. Opportunities to work from home increased dramatically during the pandemic. When able to, companies moved swiftly to ensure their staff could work remotely if …

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Take the Challenge: Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce

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A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential in today’s competitive and changing work world. It includes people of different abilities, cultural backgrounds, ages, races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and levels of professional experience. Employers who create and nurture a diverse and inclusive work culture are rewarded with employees who are better able to solve problems, be productive, and adapt to …

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Speak Up for Yourself

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Self-determination is having the freedom to make choices about your own life. Self-advocacy is having the skills to speak up about what choices you want to make.Why should we speak up? By speaking up for what you need or want, you are more likely to: find solutions that work, feel confident and empowered, have ownership in your success. What’s involved …

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Disclosing a Vision Impairment at Work

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The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment of People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision  published a new advice sheet for people with vision impairments. The advice sheet provides information for people who are blind or have low vision and are considering disclosing their visual disability at work. Topics include the benefits, the pros and cons, protections under …

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Tips for Improving Your Financial Health

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Some traditional barriers to employment have gone away. An increase in the number of people working from home since COVID-19, means people with disabilities don’t need to go to an office. They don’t have to find transportation. They often have the accommodations they need at home and often more flexible schedules. This gives people with disabilities more chances to find …

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How to Ace Your Online Interview

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So, you landed an interview and you’re ready to meet your (hopefully) future employer. The usual questions run through your head… What do I say? What should I wear? How do I get there? Wait… these days… “getting there” might mean showing up in your own living room! If you’re not used to online communication, the idea of an online …

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Living with Depression: Creative Solutions for Work

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An important part of living well with depression is to engage in as many regular daily activities as possible, including work.  For many, the satisfaction and security of work leads to positive self-esteem, and being part of a work team can create a sense of belonging. But. . . you may not feel positive or that you belong at work …

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Job Skills Employers Value

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There are some skills that all employers – no matter what the job or industry – are looking for in their employees. These are the skills that will help you succeed on the job and move ahead in your career. Sometimes called “soft skills”, the skills employers value includes things like communication, attitude, responsibility, and willingness to learn. They’re sometimes …