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Working from Home? Grow Your Skills and Knowledge with Free Resources

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In COVID-19 times, many of us dramatically changed the way we provide services, going from working in a physical office space to providing services remotely from our homes. For many, this change freed up some extra time to work on professional development and continuing education.  And, we saw many the people we serve look for ways to use their extra …

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COVID-19 and Taxes: Free Help to File

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Although 2020 was difficult year for many of us, there were a few silver linings to the cloud. Stimulus checks, expanded unemployment benefits, the ability to work remotely, and tax relief packages enabled many of us to meet our basic needs and make it through an extraordinarily challenging time. These same silver linings may cause your taxes to look a …

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The Not-So-Secret Formula for Reaching Your Goals

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Motivation is not the secret to success. Yes. I said it. Motivation does not always end with achievement. And for those of you still skeptical, think on it for a moment. From your desire to set a goal, you have already shown a motivation to do it. You want to change, so you tell other people you’re resolved to change. …

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Setting Goals for 2021: It All Begins with Attitude

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After 2020, your approach to setting goals for the new year may be different than in years past. 2020 was tough, so this may be the year to give yourself permission to go easy on yourself with setting employment and financial goals. It may also be the year that you explore and tap into new opportunities for employment and financial …

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Gifts and Social Security Benefits

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We hope you enjoy many gifts this holiday season. And remember, sometimes the best gifts don’t come in packages. Just in case, it’s a good idea to learn how gifts are viewed by Social Security for the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) programs. Gifts Don’t Affect SSDI At AllLet’s start with the easy one: SSDI. …

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5 Helpful Apps to Stay Organized in School

In Assistive Technology Resources, Featured, Teen Tips by Priscilla Matthews

You’re in school, and COVID-19 can’t stop you from exploring. Whether you’re attending school in-person, remotely, or a combination of the two, your device can be a doorway into other worlds – important news, celebrities, style, music, parties, sports, love. It can also help you explore and discover interests that could lead to an exciting job in the future. It’s …

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Learn, Explore, Take Action! How to Use High School to Jumpstart Your Future

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Hey Teens and Parents: Learn, Explore, Take Action!We’ve always known high school is more than going to classes, and the shift to online learning due to COVID is proving it! High school is about learning who you are, exploring what you want to be as an adult, and taking actions to have the life you want. If you’re a teen …

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Advocacy Spotlight: Assistive Technology

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Did you know? People with disabilities of all ages have the right to receive needed assistive technology (AT) and related services. These rights are outlined in the Assistive Technology Act (AT Act of 2004), a federal law that provides funding to states to assist people with disabilities obtain: information on technological resources necessary assistive technology Assistive Technology AdvocacyIf you or …

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How to Ace Your Online Interview

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So, you landed an interview and you’re ready to meet your (hopefully) future employer. The usual questions run through your head… What do I say? What should I wear? How do I get there? Wait… these days… “getting there” might mean showing up in your own living room! If you’re not used to online communication, the idea of an online …

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ADA 30th Anniversary – Celebrate. Learn. Share.

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If you have a disability, you have the same rights to opportunities and employment as anyone else. If you care about someone with a disability, you have the opportunity to share with them the common goal and experience of finding and growing a career. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) helped to bring this right to the forefront and is …