Learn, Explore, Take Action! How to Use High School to Jumpstart Your Future

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Hey Teens and Parents: Learn, Explore, Take Action!

We've always known high school is more than going to classes. High school is about learning who you are, exploring what you want to be as an adult, and taking actions to have the life you want. If you’re a teen with a disability, there may be extra steps you need to take in high school as you learn and explore who you are.

You have so many choices. It can be a fun and exciting time!


Having a high school diploma means you’ll be more likely to get a job you want or go on to school after high school. You’re learning information and skills you’ll use in a future job. You’re also learning about yourself. What are you good at? What do other people say you’re good at? What makes you feel good? Make lists. Ask questions. Learn who you are!


High school is a time to explore. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Take a class you have not had before. Dig into the ways online learning could benefit you. Join a new virtual club that sounds interesting and get to know new people who share your interests. By doing new things, you may find an interest you never thought you had and this could lead to an exciting job in the future. Think of it as being another part of your education.

Take Action

There are things you can do now that will help get the future you want. The steps you take when you’re 14 are different than the ones you take when you’re 18. Which of these steps have you taken?

  • Age 14

    You still have lots of time to prepare for becoming an adult. But it’s never too early to start! Check out Age 14

  • Age 15

    There’s still lots of time! Get some ideas for some things to work on at Age 15.

  • Age 16

    Keep working on being even more independent. Have a plan for what’s next for you. Find out more at Age 16.

  • Age 17

    Start putting your plan into action. Get ideas at Age 17.

  • Age 18

    Put your plans into action and get ready for next steps! Learn more at Age 18.

This year, use high school to learn who you are and explore what you want to be as an adult. Take action to prepare for being and adult and have the life you want. It’s never too late to start!

Want to Learn More?

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