WIPA – Work Incentives Planning & Assistance

Wisconsin Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program or WIPA: Helping Social Security beneficiaries achieve employment goals and financial independence.

Social Security designed the WIPA project to provide information and support to beneficiaries who are working or want to work and need to know how employment will affect their Social Security benefits.

Understanding the options and possibilities can help a person make an informed choices about increasing work earnings or going to work.

WIPAs serve Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities age 14 to full retirement age, including transition to work aged youth and veterans, providing benefits planning and assistance services on request and as resources permit.

How Do WIPAs Help?

By working with a WIPA, Social Security beneficiaries will be better able to make informed choices about about increasing work earnings or going to work. Each WIPA is staffed with Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWICs) who are experts on:

  • Work and public benefits such as SSI and SSDI benefits.
  • Healthcare coverage and what will happen if you go to work.
  • Ticket to Work and how it can benefit you.
  • Completing a Plan for Achieving Self Support and explain how it works.

Download a copy of our WIPA Flyer (PDF)


WIPA is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration (Social Security). While Social Security has reviewed this material for technical accuracy, it is not an official Social Security publication.