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Work from Home: Career Exploration Tips

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Work from home jobs are appealing to many people, including to those with disabilities. Not only does it eliminate transportation barriers, but it saves money in gas, vehicle maintenance, and clothing. A common question asked of ERI’s employment specialists is “How can I get a job that I can do at home?”

Work from home job opportunities have increased dramatically in the last couple of years. FlexJobs, an online company that specializes in listings for remote jobs, reports a 20% spike in remote job listings in just the last year for jobs in real estate, human resources, accounting, pharmaceuticals, and education.

Work from Home Career-Exploration Tips

To help our clients explore their career possibilities, we’ve developed a list of 4 tips for exploring work from home career opportunities.

With work-from-home opportunities growing so quickly, this is an exciting time to explore what’s available. Your dream job no longer has to include a corner office in a fancy high rise with a view. Although that continues to appeal to some, there are a variety of options out there to fit the skills and lifestyle that best define you.

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