ERI provides outreach and education to professional organizations and advocacy groups that provide services to people with disabilities.

Check out some of our training topics below and contact us if you interested in finding out more or would like to request a speaker for your next training or event.

Training Topics:

ERI offers training and expertise about the benefits application process and benefits and employment.

Benefits Application

Get information about applying for benefits and available supports and resources including programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid

Presentation topics could include information like:

  • What forms to fill out
  • What can be done online
  • How disability determinations are made
  • Other elgibility criteria
  • Health insurance options before and after disability determination

Employment Strategies and Best Practices

Would you like to know more about some of our innovative programs helping to increase employment outcomes for people with disabilities?

  • Customized and Supported Employment
  • Ticket to Work, Partnerships with DVR, and Advancing in Employment
  • Disability Disclosure and Workplace Accommodations
  • Career Planning and Transition Training for Youth

Benefits and Work Topics

If you would like more information on how employment impacts public benefits, ERI staff can provide informational training and presentations on a wide variety of public benefits and services topics. Following is a list of topics that can be covered in an overview or in more detail.

Social Security Administration programs and processes:

  • Title II program (SSDI, Retirement, Survivors)
  • Title XVI program (SSI)
  • Work Incentives for both SSDI and SSI (Trial work period, SGA, PASS, Ticket to Work, et al.)
  • Self-employment and benefits
  • Youth Transition and benefits
  • Application process
  • Representative Payee process
  • Continuing Disability Reviews process
  • Appeals process
  • Overpayment process


  • Parts A, B, C, and D (Prescription Drugs)

Medical Assistance:

  • Categorically needy
  • Medically needy
  • Special status
  • MAPP
  • Buy-in programs

Other medical programs:

  • Long Term Care

Other State of Wisconsin and federal programs:

  • State Supplemental Security Income
  • Energy Assistance
  • FoodShare
  • Public Housing