financial advisor points at computer screen with male client sitting next to her

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Take charge of your money! Learn tips, discover resources, and develop a plan for achieving your money goals. Knowledge is power.

Why is This Important?

Being financially empowered can help you feel more confident about reaching your financial goals.

How Can We Help?

ERI provides tools to assist you with daily money management. We can also help you access financial resources and programs to help you achieve better financial security.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Budgeting for changes in income, including changes in your public benefits and work earnings.
  • Budgeting to make ends meet, reach a savings goal, build assets, or reduce debt.
  • Preparing for emergencies.
  • Exploring student financial resources.
  • Comparing options for saving.
  • Learning banking basics and options for receiving paychecks and public benefit payments.