Benefits and Employment Counseling Services

The potential loss of benefits is one of the most persistent and pervasive fears among people with disabilities who are considering employment.

Our benefits and employment counseling services are about making informed choices about work, avoiding overpayments, managing changes in benefits, maintaining health coverage, and knowing how to use appropriate work incentives.

How do benefits and employment counseling services work?

Identify & Verify

A Benefits Specialist will work with you to identify and verify your benefits situation. Benefits may include Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Medical Assistance, Medicare, Food Share, energy assistance, and housing assistance.

Analyze, Assist & Assess

Then the specialist analyzes all the information, meets with you to review a summary of all the information in a written report you can take with you.

Follow-up and Support

After receiving your summary, the benefits specialist will provide ongoing assistance as needed or as things change in your life. When work or other life situations change, ERI Benefit Specialists can help you manage how changes impact your benefits and remain informed about choices and what's ahead.

You should consider contacting a Benefits Specialist when you are…

  • Considering working for the first time;
  • Considering increasing earnings;
  • Considering re-entering the workforce;
  • Developing a career plan;
  • Actively job seeking;
  • Having problems with current benefits.