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If you have questions, please contact:

Cori Olson, Community Benefits Specialist and CCS Program Manager
 Email Cori | Phone: 608-906-2725 or Work Mobile: 608-576-5322

ERI CCS Services

Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI) provides services to CCS participants. We provide a variety of services to help you achieve stability, increase independence, and move toward recovery. With CCS, you are included as an equal partner in identifying your goals and selecting the services that best fit your needs. Following are the services currently provided by ERI. Once enrolled in CCS, if you are interested in ERI services, contact your CCS service facilitator for more information.

Disability Application Assistance

Get experienced help in applying for disability benefits (Social Security’s disability & Medicaid programs). We assist with completing application forms, provide education about the steps and agencies involved, and give support throughout the process until a determination is made.

Employment Counseling

ERI’s employment services can help to identify strengths, define job goals, and build key skills needed to get and keep a job. Our Employment Specialists actively assist by guiding the job search, exploring job opportunities, and providing supports along the way to promote successful employment outcomes.

Additionally, ERI provides Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment services which involve a partnership between the CCS participant, the CCS Service Facilitation agency, the ERI Employment Specialist, and DVR.

Benefits and Employment Counseling

Through ERI’s benefits and employment counseling services, build a better understanding of public benefits (SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, and Medicare Savings Programs) and the effects of work. Learn about work incentives, benefit program rules, and potential changes in benefits.  Get your questions answered before starting a job or when making employment changes. We also help with problem-solving and reporting wages or changes to benefit agencies.

Pre-Driving Assessment

Test and practice driving skills on ERI’s hands-on driving simulator. ERI’s Driving Services Specialist provides objective feedback about abilities such as decision-making, reaction time, memory, and problem-solving. Our pre-driving assessment can help determine interest and potential in moving forward with driving training and getting a driver’s license.

How to Become Eligible for Dane County Comprehensive Community Services (CCS):

Dane County’s CCS are services and supports that assist people with mental health or substance use conditions to achieve their highest possible level of independence and stability.

CCS Program Basic Eligibility

  • Dane County resident;
  • Eligible for Medical Assistance;
  • Have a mental health or substance use diagnosis;
  • Functional limitation in one or more major life activities caused by mental health or substance use issues as measured by the state screen;
  • Need for psychosocial rehabilitation services;
  • Must have a current physician prescription for services.

CCS is a voluntary, community-based program funded by the State of Wisconsin and operated by the Dane County Department of Human Services. Once enrolled in CCS, if you are interested in ERI services, ask your CCS service facilitator for more information.

Dane County Intake Worker: (608) 242-6415