New Journeys: Exploring Where We Are and Where We Want to Be

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My name is Kevin and I’m new to the ERI team – a brand new Work Incentive Benefits Specialist (WIBS)!  To be honest, it wasn’t the plan to begin again in this role, but life’s circumstances sometimes take the driver’s seat.  I am excited that my past experiences will come in handy.

Where I’ve Been

I am proud of the many experiences I’ve had in my career, and grateful that I have been able to help others. We’ve all heard that money can’t buy happiness, right?  While that is true, the lack of money can sure bring a lot of stress and misery.  ERI’s focus on employment and benefits help is a perfect fit for my experiences.  Some of my journey:  I’ve been a housing counselor, credit counselor, worked in nonprofit, government, big business (GE), retail, fast food… on and on (but I’ll stop for now!).  I’ve been a hiring manager and been to my share of interviews.  It’s pretty easy for me to relate to almost anyone.

Where I’m Going

As my new journey begins, the first thing that I’d like to share is the place I encourage everyone’s personal financial journey to begin:  a budget.  Some people freak out when they hear the word “budget”, so some people call it a spending plan.  Whatever you call it, it is nothing to fear.

Your Journey

A budget lets you see your starting point.  If you have financial goals like buying a house or car, if you have a stack of debt, or just want to make ends meet, you need to know what you’re dealing with so you can begin to develop a plan.

Google “budget” and you’ll find millions of styles; most will contain the same information.  Choose one that works for you – paper and pencil, a spreadsheet like this one, or your own creation.  This first step is only to estimate your spending – it should take about fifteen minutes or so.

Congratulations!  Your journey has started with mine.  You’re heading to a place where you don’t have to stress about your needs and can plan for things you want too.  This is being financially stable.  I hope you’ll let me be part of your journey and you’ll be part of mine too.

Ready… set… GO!

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