Meet Sally: A Ticket to Work Story

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Sally recently completed her Masters in school counseling and was offered a full-time limited term employment (LTE) position with her local school district. She currently uses Para transit, but would like to save for a car and become more self-sufficient.

Benefits Challenges

Sally was excited about this job opportunity, but fearful of losing her Medicaid. Her LTE position does not offer health insurance and she has a large amount of healthcare costs associated with her disability. Additionally, she would like to save up for a car, and she knows that she cannot have more than $2,000-worth of assets if she wants to keep her Medicaid.

How ERI’s Ticket to Work Program Helped

By assigning her ticket to ERI PLUS, Sally was able to:

  • meet with a benefits specialist who helped her through the process of applying for the Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP). Through MAPP, Sally will be able to keep her Medicaid as long she continues to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • enroll in MAPP, where she will be able to increase her countable assets up to $15,000 and save for her car.

UPDATE: Sally now uses her TicketShare payments to pay for gas for her car, insurance and maintenance. Sally loves her new job and her new-found independence.