A family at a grocery store, picking out produce. An image of the Wisconsin Quest Card is pasted on top of the image

FreshEBT: Your Online Guide to Managing FoodShare Benefits

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How do I apply for FoodShare Wisconsin? Which stores and farmer’s markets accept the Quest Card? Can I check my balance online? Am I eligible for other benefits?

These are just a few of the questions you might have about Wisconsin’s FoodShare program. FreshEBT can answer them, and many more!

FreshEBT is an online guide to managing FoodShare benefits in Wisconsin, as well as Electronic Benefits Transfer benefit programs across the United States. It provides information on the basics of FoodShare, including:

  • How to apply for and renew your application
  • How to check your QuestCard balance on your phone
  • What you can buy with FoodShare and where
  • Discounts available to QuestCard holders
  • Eligibility for other benefits
  • And more….