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Long Waits and Long Odds: Social Security Disability Benefits Challenges

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In this story on NPR (National Public Radio), Stephanie Hashmi shares her story of applying for social security disability benefits. Hashmi was diagnosed with systemic lupus, a medical condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. She’s had surgery and other treatments. Now, at age 41, Hashmi is often bedridden. Her health caused her to leave her job about six years ago. But when she applied to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, she was denied.

Find out how recent changes Social Security introduced to fight fraud and streamline the application process are causing challenges and complications for people like Stephanie with complex medical conditions. One of the changes includes a new rule that removes special consideration given to a person’s longtime doctor.

Stephanie’s Story

You can listen to the story below or read it on the NPR website.