Applications Now Being Accepted: Work Incentives Benefits Counseling (WIBS) Services for Promise

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On behalf of the Wisconsin Promise project, Employment Resources, Inc.(ERI) invites interested organizations and individuals to apply to provide Work Incentives Benefits Specialist (WIBS) services and ongoing supports for Promise youth participants and their families.

WIBS are recruited and assigned to provide services according to their qualifications, an assessment score, and geographical location. WIBS are assigned according to enrollment numbers for Promise participants in the eleven Wisconsin Workforce Development Areas (WDAs). The estimated average caseload will eventually be 100 Promise participants per .5 FTE WIBS.

Under the project design, WIBS will increase specific skills to provide work incentives counseling to youth and their families. Promise participants will receive work incentives counseling alongside other treatments such as career exploration, financial literacy, and work experience. The WIBS role is to dispel myths about working and benefits, as well as provide ongoing support and information to beneficiaries regarding their benefits and the impact of work. WIBS working with Promise participants will be working with a team of service providers to engage individuals with employment.

Subcontractors under this project must fulfill required direct service, training, technical assistance and reporting activities according to the Promise project design.

ERI will subcontract with service providers to fulfill the following activities:

  1. Provide Work Incentive Benefits Specialist (WIBS) services to designated participants within established priority for Promise families and timelines for this project.
  2. Participate in and complete required training and technical assistance.
  3. Participate in required meetings and conference calls.
  4. Complete timely reporting and data collection requirements.
Download a copy of the application materials (pdf)

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Stephanie Drum

Stephanie Drum started at ERI in 2006. She has worked as a Work Incentive Benefits Specialist (WIBS) in various programs while at ERI. In addition to working as a benefits specialist, she is a lead trainer for the Initial WIBS training offered by ERI. More about Stephanie...