Teen Empowerment

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This video was created by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction with the support of federal funds.

Get Empowered! Self-advocacy is the ability to speak up for what you need.

ERI is pleased to be part of the PROMISE initiative through the Wisconsin Promise project. Wisconsin Promise coordinates services and uses best practices to prepare young adults for future career success and financial stability.

One service offered through Wisconsin Promise helps teens learn self-advocacy skills, or how to speak up for what you need.  This is important for people of all ages! Here are a few resources that can help teens learn self-advocacy skills.

 Best Practices in Self-Advocacy Skill Building 
This website highlights a number of youth-focused and family-focused resources about self-advocacy.

Self-Advocacy Toolkit from Autism Speaks 
Talks about shifting the decision-making process from the family to the teen. This site focuses on teens with autism or ASD, but the information is applicable to everybody.

Self-Advocacy: A Valuable Skill for Your Teenager with Learning Disabilities
Provides practical tips for developing self-advocacy skills.

Self Advocacy: Tips for Teens.
Provides an outline on how teens can practice self-advocacy before graduation.

Self-Advocacy Training – Wisconsin Promise
This training is self-guided and accessed online.   Topics include using self-assessing disability and accommodation needs, understanding laws and legal right, and setting goals for the short-term and long-term. Though enrollment for Wisconsin Promise is over, teens with disabilities can apply for services like these through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.