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Having a Mentor Linked to Career Success

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The Great People Have Great Mentors initiative focuses on maximizing the potential of young people with disabilities by having a mentor.

A mentorship is a relationship with an increased emphasis on personal or professional development for participating individuals. A mentor can also be a role model. Research shows having a positive role model at a young age is significant in predicting what kind of life an individual will have in adulthood. From an increased likelihood of attending college to higher achievement in future career, the simple fact is that mentoring changes lives.

Living with a disability may create greater complexity and challenges for a young person when searching for the right professional path. While people with disabilities have a large amount of talent and skill, research indicates their employment rate continues to be much lower than the rest of the population. Finding a mentor who will shine a light on personal strengths and aptitudes can make a world of difference for a person. The significance a mentor can have on a person’s journey of self-discovery and future success can be life changing for both people.

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