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Motivated, Uniquely Skilled, and Thinking About Work. What’s Next?

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You’re motivated, have unique skills, and know you’d be a great asset to the right employer.  Those are excellent qualities that will take you far. If you have a disability, you may have a few more things to think through than the typical job seeker.

  • You might worry that you’ll lose your disability benefits if you work. How can you better understand how work would affect your unique situation?
  • Assistive technology is a workplace game changer. Could it help you?
  • Transportation resources are available in most communities. What are your options?
  • Writing a resume can be difficult. Where can you get help with this?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many resources are available in Wisconsin to help you find answers to these questions as you think about working.  Here are just a few.

Connect with a Qualified Benefits Specialist

In many cases, people who receive disability benefits can work, keep necessary cash and healthcare benefits, and still take home more money than if they weren’t working.  Even so, the fear of losing benefits stops many people with disabilities from seeking work.

Disability benefits are complicated, and each person’s situation is unique.  If you receive disability benefits and are thinking about work, it’s important that you work with a benefits specialist qualified to understand how working will affect your situation and identify work incentives to help you achieve your job goals.

Explore if Assistive Technology Could Change Your Abilities

Assistive technology is any product or device that enables people with disabilities improve their independence and quality of life in the community, at home, at work, and at school.

Know Your Transportation Options

“Do you have reliable transportation?” is a question you may be asked during an interview.  That’s an easy question to answer if you own your own vehicle and it runs well. But the answer is a little trickier if you depend on public transportation or friends and family for transportation.

If you need assistance with transportation, get to know your transportation options:

  • Public Transportation Systems in Wisconsin

    Learn your options for public transportation in your community. The Wisconsin Get-Around Guide gives information about public transportation options in Wisconsin cities.

  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers

    ADRCs are friendly, welcoming places where you can go for information about living with a disability. Services can be provided at the ADRC office, by telephone, or through a home visit, whichever is more convenient to you. Find the Aging and Disability Resource Center in your area.

  • Disability Rights Wisconsin

    If you need more support to access transportation, contact Disability Rights Wisconsin. They provide information, referral, advice, investigation, and in select cases, legal representation to assist people with disabilities in securing equal opportunity to transportation.

Get Help Writing Your Resume

Summarizing who you are and what you’re capable of can be intimidating, especially when you have a disability. We help people with their resumes as part of our employment services. You can also get help with writing your resume online, and in many cases within your community:

Your motivation, unique skills, and belief in yourself will take you far as you search for the job that’s right for you. We hope these resources help as well!

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