Guardianship and Voting: Preserving and Restoring the Right to Vote

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In Wisconsin, anyone 18 years old or older is legally an adult and is presumed by law to be able to manage all personal and financial affairs, including the ability to register to vote and to vote.

Persons with disabilities, even those with guardians, have the right to vote. Often, people don’t know the rules and rights for voting with a guardian. This training will provide information to support people with disabilities and older adults to understand their voting rights.

The presenters will discuss how voting rights are addressed in the guardianship process. In addition, they will provide information on restoring the right to vote if it has been lost.

This webinar is ideal for

  • People with a disability and older adults
  • Family member and/or guardian of a person with a disability or older adult
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center staff
  • Managed Care and IRIS staff
  • Department of Health Services staff
  • Department of Public Instruction staff
  • Educators
  • County and State Children’s Long-Term Care staff
  • Health Care Providers
  • Service Providers