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What to Do When the Holidays Leave You Blue

In Featured, Mental Health Resources, Seasonal Favorite by Helena Gerritsen

It’s the holiday season. Maybe you’re rushing to get things done, or maybe you’re a little lonely when you hear a song about family and togetherness. Maybe this time of year isn’t the cozy, picture-perfect time that you wanted. Sometimes the holidays don’t live up to our expectations or all the hype. If you are feeling more blue than jolly, …

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Eat Healthy, Feel and Work Better

In Featured, Healthy Eating, News, Polls by Helena Gerritsen

Healthy body, healthy mind. As the saying goes, it’s crucial to look after your body in order to be your best. Good nutrition nurtures your body and mind. People with healthy diets have: Simply put, if you eat better, it will help you feel and work better. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet. Work and life get …

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Motivated, Uniquely Skilled, and Thinking About Work. What’s Next?

In Employment Articles, Featured, Job Search Tips, Resources by Priscilla Matthews

You’re motivated, have unique skills, and know you’d be a great asset to the right employer.  Those are excellent qualities that will take you far. If you have a disability, you may have a few more things to think through than the typical job seeker. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many resources are available in Wisconsin to help you find …

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When You Have a Mental Health Disability and Need Benefits….

In Benefits Articles, Featured, Mental Health Resources, Social Security Benefits by Priscilla Matthews

Complex. Confusing. Overwhelming.  These are just a few of the words used to describe what it’s like to have a mental health disability and apply for Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Some people are able to navigate the application process on their own or with the help of family and friends. Others may need a little more support.  Jolin, a …

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A Little Spending Money

In Featured, Financial Resources, News by eri

Wow!  Is it true that teenagers spend 9 hours a day using social media?!  I’m not a teen, but I know I’m guilty of social media/net surfing addiction.  Maybe you spend a lot of your time the same way, maybe you’re a stay at home mom, or a teen about to start summer break.  Everyone wants to make money for doing …

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The Link Between the Arts, Health and Wellness

In Featured, Mental Health Resources, News by Beth Storch

Nutrition and exercise seem to be the buzz words for being healthy and maintaining mental wellness. Other advice includes having a good sleep routine, practicing relaxation, and having a good social network.  Are you looking for something else to add to your toolbox? Why not try the arts? The Arts, Health and Wellness The link between the arts and health …

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Free Tax Preparation Services

In Blog, Featured, News, Tax Resources by eri

Have you finished preparing your taxes yet?  If you’re like a lot of people, you might have waited until now… and may be wondering where you can get some help completing them in time for the April 15th deadline. We have good news!  You may be able to get free help to prepare your taxes. My Free Taxes My Free …

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Job Search Tip #4: Tapping Into Your Personal and Professional Networks

In Featured, Job Search Tips, Resources by Jon Grobstick

Check out our other job search tips videos! My advice is to tap into your personal and professional networks. It’s easy to feel a little lost in today’s job market but networking really can make all the difference. Having a direct connection to people working in your field can expose you to hidden job openings before they’re even posted. Those …