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Assistive Technology Advocacy

In Assistive Technology Articles, Blog, News by Theresa Kulow

Are you or someone you work with having issues with getting funding for assistive technology and related services for people with disabilities? Here’s a resource to be aware of for these situations. Disability Rights Wisconsin challenges denials for funding for assistive technology and related services for people with disabilities. If a person needs assistive technology and is denied funding for …

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Social Security Adds Website Feature to Read Web Pages Out Loud

In Assistive Technology Articles, News by Theresa Kulow

Making websites accessible to the broadest possible audience not only benefits people with disabilities visiting your site, but can really benefit all visitors to your site. For example, Social Security recently added a new feature to their website called “BrowseAloud” that allows the content of their website to be read aloud. This feature might be useful for individuals many individuals …

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Partnership Plus: A New Way of Connecting Social Security, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Networks

In Blog, News, Ticket to Work Articles by Tammy Liddicoat

ERI has worked several years toward the idea that Employment Networks (ENs) and state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies (VRs) could partner successfully to serve common customers under the Federal Ticket to Work Program.  Together, VRs and ENs could guide a Social Security beneficiary (Ticket Holder) through the various stages of employment to ultimately transition off of Social Security benefits. Under Ticket …

Social Security Payments Go Electronic

In News by Stephanie Drum

If you are a social security beneficiary, please note that starting next year, Federal government cash benefits will all be electronic.  Social Security, Veterans, and Railroad Retiree benefits will no longer issue paper checks to individuals.  People will have the option to use direct deposit or a debit card system to receive benefits. If you need assistance or have questions …

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New Resource in Dane County

In News by Stephanie Drum

Dane County plans to open an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in the fall of 2012. Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) provide information and assistance about issues related to aging or disabilities to individuals, concerned families or friends, or allied professionals. ADRCs currently operate in 67 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin. A detailed ADRC project proposal is …

Find a Benefits Specialist

In Benefits and Employment Articles, Blog, Employment Articles, Featured, Resources, Ticket to Work Articles by Stephanie Drum

Benefit Specialists understand the complexities of public benefit systems and assist individuals through various life transitions. Whether you are applying for benefits, seeking health care coverage, entering adulthood, considering employment, or retiring, a benefits specialist can help. Wisconsin has several types of benefits specialists: Disability Benefit Specialists (DBS) Wisconsin has Disability Benefit Specialists (DBS) who assist people with physical, developmental, …