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Wisconsin Union and Porchlight: Employer Partnership Success

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Bret Kuhn enjoys his job doing dishes and coordinating with other staff at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Union South. He likes listening to music while working, his over $13 per hour pay, his co-workers, and the scheduling flexibility he needs. And Union South appreciates that he’s there. “We’re better as a society if we engage everyone’s hands and minds,” said Carl …

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Unknown Assets and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries occasionally learn they own a countable asset they weren’t aware of. For example, a beneficiary may discover that a relative had purchased stock for them and it has a cash value. In this type of situation, Social Security first determines if the SSI beneficiary has: If so, the asset is a countable resource for SSI, …

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Free Tax Preparation Services

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Getting an early start on preparing your taxes could prevent a lot of stress. And getting free help to prepare them could save even more. Check out these resources to see if you’re eligible for free tax preparation services! My Free Taxes is a safe, online program that provides free state and federal tax preparation and filing assistance. It’s available …

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Social Security, Benefits and Taxes

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Benefits Specialists normally do not assist clients with their taxes unless they are qualified tax preparers. However, they should have a general knowledge of how Social Security benefits may affect a person’s taxes and what credits may be available to their consumers. Title XVI and Title II Benefits are Treated Differently All Title XVI (Supplemental Security Insurance or SSI) payments …

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Ask Ben: My Spouse and I Want to Enroll in Medicare Part B. What Are Our Options?

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Good morning young Hobbits! I am at a Hobbiton where they filmed parts of the Lord of the Rings movies here in Matamata, New Zealand. Even though I still feel hungry even after my second breakfast, I’ll answer a question from Jane and Keisha. Hey Ben – My spouse and I want to enroll in Medicare Part B. Neither of …

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Be Diverse! Strengthen Your Business and Your Community

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When you invest in a diverse workforce, you build a team that has a depth of talent, innovation, and dedication not found in non-inclusive workforces. The more diverse your team is, the more skillful and innovative they will be in accomplishing the goals and resolving the challenges you set before them. Companies benefit in many ways from investing in a …