Serving as an ERI Board Member Is an Amazing Opportunity

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Remember the last time you made a difference in the lives of others? It felt amazing. Your compassion, your kindness, your willingness to give of yourself created a better world.

Empowering Independence and Fulfillment: Join ERI on their Journey

Every day ERI is helping others make a better world for themselves. As an ERI board member you can be a part of their incredible journey toward greater independence, dignity, and fulfillment.

The Vital Role of ERI's Board Members

Board members at ERI perform a vital role in our work to support the employment goals of people with disabilities. They not only provide direction for ERI’s fiscal, programmatic, and legal wellbeing – they are the leaders that make the hopes of many a reality.

ERI's Impact on Employment for People with Disabilities

The barriers that stand between people with disabilities and their career goals are numerous and complex but can be overcome with proper guidance. ERI provides that guidance through direct service and helping other service providers navigate the tricky path toward employment for people with disabilities. Since our founding in 1990 we have become a leader both in Wisconsin and nationally, and our board of directors has been a critical part of that success.

“ERI Board members are committed to the mission/purpose, which has been key for me in terms of my desire to remain a part of the Board. ERI has made a tremendous impact on the people and organizations it touches.”

Cheryl, current Board Member

Embrace the Power of Purposeful Employment: Join ERI's Remarkable Community

When you join the ERI board of directors you will join a remarkable community that believes in the power of purposeful employment for everyone. Your contribution as a board member not only benefits people with disabilities, but you also strengthen the wider community while gaining an opportunity to learn, grow, and establish your own professional network. As a board member you will be asked to participate fully in our active board and to embrace the responsibilities of leadership via...

  • Preparing for and attending Board meetings.
  • Acting as an ambassador to the community.
  • Serving as a resource for staff in personal expertise areas.
  • Lending name, support, and personal credibility to ERI.
  • Helping recruit new Board members.
  • Assessing Board performance.
  • Recruiting new Board members.

Interested? We would love to meet you!

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