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Transportation: Knowing the Options

In Accessibility, Blog, Featured, News, Transportation by eri

As you consider your job goals, part of that process is considering how you will get to and from work. If owning and driving a vehicle is not an option, there are many different transportation options. Learn more what they are, how they work, and how to use them.A Variety of Options“Transportation Options for Older Adults and People with Disabilities” …

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Tips for Safe and Stress-Free Travels

In Accessibility, Featured, News by Priscilla Matthews

Whether you plan to make a short trip across town for supplies and then stay home with a good book, or travel across the country to spend time with family, we wish you safe and stress-free travels. Here are a few tips to get you where you want to go safely and with a minimum of stress: Plan AheadWhether you’re …

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Simple Tips for Creating Accessible Word Documents

In Accessibility, Featured, News, Resources by eri

Have you ever created a Word document and later learned people couldn’t read it because it wasn’t accessible? How frustrating, both for others and for you. Next time, try these simple tips that will make it easier for everyone to access and understand your information. Use HeadingsUse headers to form an outline that helps your reader easily understand how your …

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Is Transportation a Priority Issue for You and Others?

In Accessibility, Advocacy, Featured, News by Beth Wroblewski

Survival Coalition is conducting a survey to learn more about transportation options, or lack of transportation options, for older adults and people with disabilities across the state. The results of this survey will be used by Survival Coalition to inform policy makers and improve transportation options for older adults and people with disabilities. We need people from across the state …