Take the Challenge: Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce

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A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential in today’s competitive and changing work world. It includes people of different abilities, cultural backgrounds, ages, races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and levels of professional experience. 

Employers who create and nurture a diverse and inclusive work culture are rewarded with employees who are better able to solve problems, be productive, and adapt to change. 


Effective Employer Strategies to Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce 

Hiring and retaining people with disabilities is vital to creating diversity in the workplace. Here are some strategies employers can use to attract and retain a diverse workforce where all employees, including people with disabilities, feel valued and heard:  

Mentoring and Coaching 

Mentoring is a professional relationship that encourages personal growth, builds skills, and increases knowledge. Coaching helps employees learn new skills and improve their job performance. Look at these resources from EARN to learn more: 

Workplace Flexibility, Including Remote Work 

Employer flexibility in when, where, and how employees perform their jobs can be a clear signal to employees that they’re valued. EARN’s resources on remote work include: 

Stay at Work/Return to Work Programs 

Employers who allow employees to return to work when appropriate, with or without work restrictions, can minimize health-related absences and optimize productivity. EARN offers these resources: 

Take the Challenge! 

Which of these strategies will you use to attract and retain a more diverse workforce?  

Explore more of EARN’s resources to discover other ways to retain employees who are better able to solve problems, be productive, and adapt to change.