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Setting Goals for 2021: It All Begins with Attitude

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After 2020, your approach to setting goals for the new year may be different than in years past. 2020 was tough, so this may be the year to give yourself permission to go easy on yourself with setting employment and financial goals. It may also be the year that you explore and tap into new opportunities for employment and financial stability through remote work opportunities due to COVID.

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever changes you’d like to take place in your life in 2021, remember to be kind to yourself. Set small goals, and make self-care a priority. And remember, it all begins with attitude.

Begin with Attitude

Attitude is important because it’s something you choose. Things can happen in life that take you by surprise and set you back: 2021, for example! This past year we’ve learned that in circumstances like these there’s not a lot you can do to prepare. The major things you have control over is the way you think about it and how you respond.

Just like goals, each person’s attitudes are personal. One person’s may be “I will be strong when I’m faced with setbacks.” Yet another’s may be “I will accept and appreciate all the ups and downs of my life.” Attitude sets the tone for the experience of setting and working toward a goal.

Know and Use Your Resources

Now that you’ve chosen your attitude, get to know the resources available to help you set and achieve your goals. Take a look at these resources focused on helping you with your work and financial goals:

Work Goals

  • Motivated, Uniquely Skilled, and Thinking About Work. What’s Next?

    If you have a disability, you may have a few more things to think through than the typical job seeker. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many resources are available in Wisconsin to support you as you think about your goals and how to achieve them. Reach out and use your resources!  Learn about useful resources available when setting work goals.

  • Set SMART Goals to Get Ahead in Your Career

    Where would you like to be in one year? In five years? What experiences will help you achieve that? What interests and skills would you like to use in your career? Setting a career goal is about deciding where you want to head in your career, and noting the steps needed to reach that point.   Learn more about setting SMART goals to get ahead in your career.

Financial Goals

  • Looking to Get Out of Debt in 2021? Here’s How to Start

    If credit card payments make up a big portion of your expenses, paying off debt might be one of the first ways you can save money.   Here are 7 ways to get out of credit card debt.

  • Benefits and Employment Counseling

    If you receive disability benefits, it’s important to talk with a benefits and employment counselor about your financial goals and how you can achieve them without fear of losing your benefits.  Learn more about benefits and employment counseling.

  • 7 Steps to Getting Your Financial House in Order

    The annual fresh start of a new year is the perfect time to get your financial house in order. To help you on your way, the American Institute of CPAs’ National CPA Financial Literacy Commission encourages you to start with these 7 steps.  Learn about the 7 steps to getting your financial house in order.

This year, focus on choosing your attitude and using the resources available to you as you explore and begin working toward and achieving your employment and financial goals.

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