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Add Your Voice: Support Disability Policies

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Joint Finance Committee Hearings on the State Budget

April 3 – April 21 • Throughout Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget addresses many issues important to the disability community. Right now, there’s money to end the children’s long-term care wait lists, increase personal care, provide more mental health supports, and increase education funds. Members of the Joint Committee on Finance can now decide to take them out, or they could add more money for transportation and special education. The disability community is invited to attend the series of hearings that will start on Monday, April 3, throughout Wisconsin.

Joint Finance Committee Hearing Dates

2017 Budget Training Presentation

2017 State Budget Summary for Self-Advocacy

Encourage your staff and associates to look at the Budget Training and State Budget Summary for Self Advocates. If you know of anyone who is interested in speaking at the hearings, contact the Survival Coalition. The Survival Coalition can support you at the hearings if you let them know you are coming.

John Shaw – (608) 266-7707
Sally Flaschberger – (414) 773-4646

For help writing testimony:
Beth Swedeen – (608) 266-1166