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Ben is Back! After an extended stay in Zambia, southern Africa, Ben contacted us from wintry Prague to ask if we had any benefits questions for him. He said he’s enjoyed his time away and has had many wonderful experiences, but is ready to jump back in to sharing his benefits expertise.

Ben Spec, a world renowned, international benefits specialist for people with disabilities, combines his love of travel with his passion for benefits counseling. It’s not all champagne, ocean breezes, and jet-setting for Ben! No matter where he lands, Ben’s ready and willing to offer his expertise on how benefits decisions change a person’s life. Ben’s all about living life to the fullest and that’s why he wants to help others live life to the fullest as well.

The WDBN is pleased to have an exclusive partnership with Ben! He has agreed to develop this blog to make it easier for him to check in with us whenever he finds an internet café. He has left his contact information with the WDBN to use in cases of benefits emergencies and/or questions. Ben is willing to answer our questions anytime.

Follow Ben’s Blog to hear about his latest adventures and find out what questions he receives about benefits and working.