Anna Works: Let's talk about disability, empowerment, and employment...

Anna Works: Let’s talk about employment, empowerment, and disability

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We have a new member of our staff at ERI, Anna Gouker. Anna is passionate about employment and empowering people with disabilities. And this is something Anna knows a little bit about. Not only does she hold a Master’s of Science degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from UW-Madison, but prior to joining the ERI team, Anna gained experience in counseling and developed extensive knowledge in community resources. She interned at several local non-profits including Chrysalis and Community Living Alliance.

Her passion for disability advocacy led to her position on the Board of Directors at Disability Pride Madison. In her free time, Anna enjoys volunteering in the community and currently serves as Co-Vice Chair on the City of Madison Commission on People with Disabilities.

Since joining ERI, Anna has developed a new employment counseling approach dedicated to assisting adults with physical disabilities in establishing personal and professional goals.

She also has the unique perspective of having a physical disability and is open about sharing her experiences. In fact, you cannot be around Anna for very long without wanting to know more about her. You can do just that by following Anna’s Blog “Anna Works.” In her blog, Anna invites you to join her in talking about employment, empowerment, and disability. Her posts are personal, provocative, and have the purpose of uniting people interested in improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

Check out Anna’s Blog: Anna Works…Let’s talk about employment, empowerment, and disability