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A Little Spending Money

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Wow!  Is it true that teenagers spend 9 hours a day using social media?!  I’m not a teen, but I know I’m guilty of social media/net surfing addiction.  Maybe you spend a lot of your time the same way, maybe you’re a stay at home mom, or a teen about to start summer break.  Everyone wants to make money for doing nothing, but is it possible?

In a word, no.  You can make some cash though if you have some time on your hands.  There are lots of websites that offer to pay for taking surveys.  Really, just to give your opinion!  I’ve tried many of the top ones – some are good and some I wouldn’t waste my time on.  Here are a couple along with some suggestions:

  • MySurvey:  This is the site I’ve had the most success with personally.  Plenty of survey invites on lots of topics.
  • i-Say: Another site with frequent invites to earn rewards (most are gift cards, but there are ways to turn them into cash too!)

My suggestions:

  1. Use your diversity.  Nearly every survey begins with demographic info about you – gender, ethnicity, age, etc.  My guess is, the more unique your opinion, the more success you’ll have.
  2. It’s not like winning the lottery so don’t expect tons of cash and prizes.  If you’re a shopper, a $25 Amazon gift card might satisfy your craving.  Then spend that $25 you would have used toward something more important
  3. Make yourself available.  Many of the surveys are timely or have participation limits.  If you have lots of available online time, you’ll do fine.
  4. Consider a new email account.  Email accounts like Gmail are free, and you can expect an increase in junk emails.

If you have the time, this might be a great way of allowing yourself some fun money but still take care of all your needs.  Let us know if you try it out!

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